Welcome to MusiFind Pro, the premier application for managing your music collection. Whether you're a home enthusiast or a professional DJ, you will enjoy finding your music easily and quickly, and you will be amazed at how much useful information you can gather about your collection.

MusiFind Pro started out in 1995 as a simple utility to solve a basic problem. After years and years of collecting music on CD, vinyl, videotape, and cassette, and working long hours (software developer by day, DJ by night and on weekends) the author's collection was simply becoming more than his overworked memory could handle. Since the primary focus of his DJ’ing was playing music requested by the audience, it was important to be able to not only recall what he had, but where he had it, and fast!

Over the years, MusiFind Pro has grown in capability. Just as a great DJ understands and plays to his or her audience, we have listened carefully to MusiFind Pro users, and many of the changes we have made are the direct result of suggestions we've received. We are pleased to offer music enthusiasts this useful product at a great value.

Current features include:

·      Simple, clear, easy-to-use interface.

·      Internet Database support for easy entry of CD album information, plus 9 other import sources allowing you to gather information with little or no typing!

·      Multiple search methods:

o     "Quick locate" allows you to find anything using the first few letters of the artist, title, album title, or selected other fields.

o     "Query wizard" allows you to make in-depth selections such as "find every song with 'LOVE' in the title", or find songs with a 'Beats Per Minute' value between 100 and 110.

o     "Report criteria" allow you to select ranges of entries, or use wildcards.

·      Fields for all common music-related data (eg. artist name, song title, BPM, composer, release date, chart number, explicit content warnings, MP3 file bit rate, and so on), and open-ended "custom detail" lists for any fields we may have missed!

·      Fully customizable "dictionaries" for lookups and entry validation. For example, do you need a category not provided? Simply add it! Is there a category you never use? Remove it!

o     Media formats (eg. CD, cassette, DVD, DAT, etc).

o     Categories (eg. Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country).

o     Styles (eg. Calypso, Slow Rock, Bluegrass)

o     More!

·      Professional, flexible reporting.

o     Many pre-formatted professional reports for a variety of situations with selectable record inclusion, printer and printer properties, fonts, and report-specific features.

o     Create your own report using the simple "report wizard". Pick your fields, pick your order, and you're done!

o     Advanced report designer for complete WYSIWYG control.

o     Print custom jewel case labels, simple CD covers, and cassette labels.

o     All lists may be printed or exported to HTML (web pages) using the current list format and record selection.

·      Many handy "little features":

o     Automatically capitalize artists and titles (either standard or all-capitals).

o     Automatically swap first and last names (prefer "Beatles, The", but the Internet Database provides "The Beatles"? Press one button, and it's switched!)

o     Swap artist and title field contents.

o     Read CD track times even if no Internet Database information is available.

o     Drag and drop addition of songs to request lists and playlists.

·      Manage your collection with an intelligent assistant:

o     Playing requests? Tracking what you've played? At a glance you (and your clients) can see what has been played and when, and what requests are upcoming. Mark a song as requested or played with one button press, and if a song played was requested, automatically mark the request completed. The great part is that it takes less time than it would to write down an artist and title using a pen to to keep the lists up to date, and everyone can read them!

o     No more looking in 3 places for the same artist! Find duplicate artists, and change all related songs and albums to use the spelling or order of your choice (for example, change the artist all songs and albums under "Cougar, John" and "John Cougar Mellencamp" to "Mellencamp, John Cougar").

o     Many CD distributors now supply lists with detailed information on CD tracks such as BPM, In/Out, and category. You can import these lists into a separate "collection", then scan it for any details you're missing in your personal collection. MusiFind Pro will automatically fill in the fields for any songs with artists and titles match. Get the most information possible without any manual entry at all!

o     Find songs that are unique to a collection. Whether you're a DJ who needs to have a backup copy of every great song, or just trying to figure out which CDs a friend has that you don't, you can get a list of which tracks are unique to a collection!

o     Scan and intelligently rename audio files (eg. MP3s) on your system.

o     Make playlists (or have one generated for you) for the night's music selection, or just to help fit the most music on a cassette or MP3 player.

·      Audio file (eg. MP3) cataloguing including artist, title, bit rate, and more. The scanning wizard lets you easily clean up any incorrectly named tracks, and format the information the way you want it.

·      Multiple collection support; easily import and export a subset of a collection, or select a completely different collection.

·      Backup and restore utility included at no extra charge (ZIP file compatible).

·      Much more!