Welcome to Passwords Max, the premier application for managing your password collection. Whether you're a home user or an administrator responsible for ensuring your organization has an effective password handling policy, you will find Passwords Max allows you to manage passwords securely and easily.


Passwords Max (formerly Passwords Plus) started out in 1995 as a simple utility to solve a basic problem: how to keep track of an ever-growing number of passwords without leaving the list sitting out in the open for anyone to see. Over the years, Passwords Max has not only solved the basic problem, but has also grown greatly in capability. We have listened carefully to Passwords Max users, and many of the changes we have made are the direct result of suggestions weve received. We are pleased to offer this useful product at a great value.


Current features include:

   Simple, clear, easy-to-use interface with wizards for common advanced options.

   Multiple search methods:

"Quick locate" allows you to find anything using the first few letters of the password account description, category (group), name, or selected other fields.

"Query wizard" allows you to make in-depth selections such as "find every account for '' in the document field", or find accounts with an 'Expiry Date' value between today and a week from now.

"Report criteria" allow you to select ranges of entries.

   Fields for all common password-related data (eg. account name, password, related document or URL, notes, expiry date, service description, and so on).

   Fully customizable "dictionaries" for lookups and entry validation. For example, do you need a category not provided? Simply add it! Is there a category you never use? Remove it!

   Professional, flexible reporting:

Many pre-formatted professional reports for a variety of situations with selectable record inclusion, printer and printer properties, fonts, and report-specific features.

Create your own report using the simple "report wizard". Pick your fields, pick your order, and you're done!

All lists may be printed or exported to HTML (web pages) using the current list format and record selection.

   Manage your collection with an intelligent assistant:

Send password or other information automatically to other applications.

Secure integrated browser allows direct interaction with web pages.

Support for user-selectable encryption methods including Extended Blowfish, DES, Triple DES, RC4, Safer and more.

Complete "Group Administration" features (Enterprise Edition for Groups) including user management by levels and groups (categories).

Complete audit trails (Enterprise Edition for Groups).

Encrypt/decrypt external files.

Expired password notification and prompting.

Filter unnecessary characters out of captured clipboard text.

Synchronize between separate databases.

   Multiple database/collection support; easily import and export a subset of a database/collection, or select a completely different database/collection.

   Backup and restore utility included at no extra charge (ZIP file compatible).

   Much more!