C: drive install w/ ext. data drive or run solely from USB

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C: drive install w/ ext. data drive or run solely from USB

Postby SHardin1 » Thu May 22, 2014 9:53 pm

The info I got from the thread "Can Passwords Max be put on a USB flash drive?" could be very useful in the future should I want to run the program strictly from a flash drive inserted into a computer that does not have PM installed, and after the program is closed and the flash drive removed, there would be no trace of the program left behind. I don't have an extra computer handy to try this on, but when you describe starting it by navigating to the proper USB drive folder and double-clicking PM.EXE, will the password database PP_DATA.TPS be maintained in that same USB folder?

For the time being however, I'll be content to leave the program installed on my laptop's C: drive and have the database exist solely on an external USB hard drive.

When I installed PM v5.93 to my C: drive I had the choice (as best I recall) of where to install it and what default database path I wanted. In my case the program installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Passwords Max, and (even though I thought I entered an external drive path for the default database at the time) the database was installed in C:\Users\(Name)\AppData\Local\Passwords Max\Data.

(For the sake of completeness, maybe my specifying this external path was interfered with somehow by the fact that I had installed a prior trial version of PM on this laptop that I never activated and which had expired before I upgraded this laptop to the current version. I don't see how that could have affected this but I thought I'd mention it.)

When I realized the default database was still set to the C: drive I reset it in "File/Options/Folders" to the external folder pathname, plus I set my PM desktop icon's properties to "start in" that same external pathname. Then I ran PM with the external drive plugged in, and the data storage pointed to the external folder as expected.

However, if I forget to plug in the external drive first, and start PM with the desktop icon, rather than throw up an error message, PM goes ahead and runs but defaults back to the C: drive database folder, and in fact "File/Options/Folders" now lists that C: drive folder as the default database (as well as the current folder.)

If I close PM, plug in the USB drive, and re-start PM, this time the external drivepath is once again listed as the default database folder without my having to re-type anything.

Now that I see what's happening I'm fine with just deleting the C: drive database (and making it unrecoverable with a program like Eraser). Wouldn't it be OK just to delete all the files in the C: drive data folder even though I do see the following files there that are not in the external data folder:

\PM_XPLORE.INI (Filetype: Configuration settings)
\Backups\Formats\UPG.0001 (Filetype: 0001 File)
\Backups\Formats\UPG.0002 (Filetype: 0002 File)

Nothing wrong with deleting any of these, right?
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